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Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it

The Start of another year

I finished another semester fo school and have actually started working already in my field. I also made Dean’s list for semester which I’m super proud of!

Have any of you done anything you want to brag about. Please tell me, Big or small.

I have noticed that my body changing a ton but I have started Crossfit.

No I’m not aiming to be a before and After picture. I am trying to build stamina. I’m not exactly active so any movement is good.

I want to be able to Load in and out for bands without dying. I have small gig I do friday and Saturdays. I run into alot of small issues but honestly i learn alot of trouble shooting. This year I hope opens everything I’ve been missing.

I love motherhood but I need more.

Not here to pressure you

I talked before about how I started crossfit. Now that doesn’t mean I’m here to pressure you or make you feel like you have to! Everyone’s journey is different. I didnt decide to hit the gym to lose weight but build stamina.

In all honesty I could lose some weight. I love my body but also like most people have issue with it. I made excuses for years to why I couldnt and to be honest I shied away from anything that pushes me or makes me sweat.

If u said hike,run or anything hot I didnt do it. The fact I didnt ever do anything yes I got big . Being big not an issue because there are plus size athletes I admire but they move and have some kind of drive and stamina. I didnt have the want or need to move.

The career I’m doing now I need to be able to carry things and walk long distances. I dont want someone to not want to hire me because I cant move more than 5 minutes. I dont want to be dying to catch my breathe. I could have joined regular gym but I know me I would have only done enough to say I did without breaking a sweat.

I found a gym and met with coaches before hand. That made me feel so comfortable and motivated. I have someone who doesnt push me so hard I’m crying and puking but someone who pushes me enough to sweat so much I’m actually dripping sweat without hurting myself. Can I do a push up? No. Can I run? Also no I feel my ankles wanting to buckle immediately but I will eventually! I hope you stick around for body positivity and part of that is me accepting my body and doing what’s best for me.

No I wont flood yall with workouts but every so often I will update you, ask for advice and talk about stigmas I’m facing as someone who is very overweight trying.

I want to be able to walk and not die. I want to want to walk because I know I can make it. I want to stop shying away from tasks because there physical. I dont know if that’s just me but the fact I can admit that to myself means alot. Whether you like me or struggling to keep on weight we are all battling our selves trying our best! Dont ever belittle someone struggle. Some people cant keep it on and cant gain weight and yes small people are beautiful and so is my big body.

We are together on this journey of self love.

Can we cheer for eachother? Can I cheer for you?

I believe in you and I believe in myself.

I am not to late to fix what I want to about me.

I attached a video of me working out, doesnt seem like much to someone who is more active but here I am in my all my glory. Stomach jiggling,sweating and trying my best.

Thank god you see your fat

I started new career path. I’ve posted about doing Audio engineering which I love but it can be physically demanding. So after my 5th show and getting completely winded i decided for myself i want to build endurance.

After searching i found gym that has class at times I can go which is 5am. I stay home with babies in the day. I have twin 20 month olds and a 10 month old. I go to class every evening so only time I wont be missed is extra early. Instead of traditional gym membership I opted for more personal touch so I’m doing crossfit 2 days a week.

Wednesday was my first day, it was hard but I made it. Today was day 2 and it was harder because of how sore I am. I madeq it through it. Now people who saw me post about it are saying things like oh so good you see you need to change and how I’m older already and going to stay fat. So great I opened my eyes so now I can lose weight.

What?! As I agree I wasn active enough I’m not doing this to be a before and after inspirational story. I told coach I just want to be able to move and have stamina. She agreed that my take is good. I will bum my self out if i do it just to lose weight and dont lose it fast enough. Exercising I’m sure I will lose some but I want to feel good. I am not as worried about the numbers on scale.

I knew I was fat, I didnt just figure it out.

Why do people assume that I’m blind or under the illusion I’m small. I am big. I am very big. I do not need anyone to constantly talk about my weight cant I just be a person.

First thing people say is wow I mean just get surgery for your stomach. I personally dont want to. I like food and enjoy my relationship with food. What I dont do is exercise at all. I dont move and I eat all awkward because I used to stay up all night and snack. I have people who have done it and love their results and I applaud them for their journey but it’s not mine.

I know seeing someone fat at gym is hilarious for some but how can I be healthy if when you see me you first reaction is to laugh and judge me. The gym I am going to everyone is nice and very encouraging. I need a little more yes you can do it and a bit less your not big its okay.

I just want to get to the point where I have stamina to do more and it’s not because I’m fat that I cant do it. I have just been lazy but I’m on my way.

Attached is video of my day 1 and you can see I’m dying but im ready.

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Is that my back killing me?

So a month into audio and let me tell you about the art of lifting!

I never realized before there is a right and wrong way to carry things. The first day I tried to carry something I swear my back jumped out and said nope I’m out!

Audio can be very physical believe it or not. No I’m not complaining because I love what I’m learning and no it’s not harder because I am a woman. I admit that I cant lift much weight but the art is leverage. My teacher shows me soooo many ways to lean things and work smarter than harder!


Now I do need help sometimes but part of life is learning your limits. I wish I could take yall on every show so yall could see why I love it.

The show I did over weekend was a benefit show and it was 12 hours, load in and out and multiple bands so we mic everyone different depending on what they have. I had chance to do something easier but this is what’s going to help me learn! I just want to do my best.

The atmosphere, bands, art of sound just has me in a whirlwind and I cant say I’m not happy! I think I will start making mini videos so I can really share my experience and maybe help some women on edge of thinking about engineering jump in!

The water feels great guys!

Of course of you wanna see my day to day follow me on Instagram @justacurvynerdyaya

Foodie Day

So today i visited a place that stays packed! The Turkey leg hut. I mean this business is not something you can pass up.

They serve frozen drinks in crown glass bottles. They serve the biggest mimosa in City of Houston.

I walked up and there was a line on bench per usual. I have seen people line up 3 hours before open so i was prepared for long weight but i was happily surprised to get a seat at bar almost immediately.The room instantly smelled of smoked BBQ. The location is small but they makeup for not having much room inside with ample seating with fans outside.

I sat at bar and was greeted by super friendly waitress and gorgeous to boot!I ordered there signature dish the Shrimp Alfredo stuffed leg.(pictured below) I enjoyed my meal so much. I have never went somewhere where salt and peppers was not needed.

This dish was seasoned to perfection.Someone who is not keen on spice at times it might be a tad on spicy side but the plump Cajun shrimp and rice with fall off the bone turkey meat was a meal to be remembered. I am sure i look silly taking pictures and just in aw of my dish but i couldn’t help but i couldn’t help but gush over this food. It seemed like something you only see on Instagram but right here in my home town!

IF you visit Houston i suggest you try it! I love supporting family owned business and black owned businesses so this was not only delicious but your supporting someone dream here, They have food trucks as well and i would drive out my way to eat here again.

Semester One Down

A 30 year old student is not something you think of when you think of college but in reality that is normal now a days.

My situation is that i never thought i could or would go to school, it seemed like an option only for people with money. The things i saw others do seemed so far away from my grasp. I was 16 when i dropped out and got my G.E.D, alot of people do not even get that. I started my family at 16, with a man 6 years older than me.

I never thought i would be more than at home and i am so proud that i found something that truly calls me. My kids see how dedicated i am to it and only thing i hate is that it truly is a juggling act. 7 kids and 3 in diapers yet i still take four classes full time and hold part time job.

I like many other people have trouble with Math. Math is what held me back. The major i am in now is arts major so my math change to contemporary math but i cant say it wasnt any easier for me. I this semester finished the last mandatory math i needed and am now free to just study audio.

The sigh of relief was one of years of worry. I can actually see a career now and my future. One were i can earn a livable wage and enjoy what i do. Am i selfish for wanting more than a job?

I know now it hard to for my kids because they do not get my undivided attention but i know it will pay off in the end for all of us.

Im ready for my future to be more than a mother, spouse,cook,nurse and caregiver. I want more purpose. I love and enjoy every second of motherhood but that does not mean its all sunshine. Its hard work but i know will something i can look forward to everyday that would alot help give my kids that extra is all i have ever wanted.

Are you considering a change in life? Do you struggle with meaning in you existence? What is keeping you from pursuing more? These are all things i also had to question myself for years before i actually took action. Lets be students together , if you choose to also make a journey similar share it with me i would love to hear your progress and bask in your success

The World of Audio

I attached my YouTube video of a glimpse into my classes.Please show me some positive vibes.

I started a new career. I am currently studying to be an Audio engineer and I never realized how much i would love it and also how hard it is. I spent months unsure with what i wanted to do with with my life. I mean im 30 everything should be magical and figured out right.

Well my ass it was , my whole life was just a serious of random events. I did not plan much and never followed through. I was a waitress and had opportunity to see Audio people in their elements and found myself intrigued.

I constantly asked questions, and looking at what the did and how. After a year of practically stalking this people one of the girls told me “Why dont you just go to school fr Audio”

Honestly it did not cross my mind, Me in audio?

But after much thoughts i went and talk to college counselor and i signed up immediately. I am in love yall!

Yes i said yall i am from Texas , lol

So now im taking these classes take so much time and i just cant get over how uch i enjoy it all.Turns out females only make up like 5% of Audio industry which is crazy.

I joined soundgirls and follow them on every social media and i decided t start Youtube Vlog of just what i am learning.I mean maybe inspire someone else completely floating in the wind like i was.

When i start i will update yall but anyone else finding out what they want later in life.When everyone else deep in their careers

A new Path

As long as I can remember I have been trying to get my degree in computers. The money is good and I thought that’s what I wanted but I never could. Never could finish it. Keep going and do what i needed to.

I work in a concert hall. I see alot of people in different lines of work. I began to really become interested in Audio.

I asked the audio techs tons of questions. What they did and how. After a year if stalking these people I starting to look into it and how to do it. I knew someone like me though could not do that. I’m an older girl now and I have kids.

How could a mother do music. Especially a job that mainly consist of men.Who would ever hire me.

Well after doubting myself a couple more months I jumped. I changed my degree plan and now everything just running so smooth. All my classes are going so well. I so interested in what I’m doing. How did I not do this before. Why did I get in my own way. I joined SoungGirls and found out about women in Audio. We make up only 5% of Audio.

I started coming to my job with my interest and my plan for degree and they seem to be on board. The final tell for me when it comes down to me moving into that area but I feel positive.

Why as a women did I doubt myself because I’m a mother?

Are they people or women in Audio here, Do you have advice?

I am going for live sound.

Did any of you stop yourself do to prejudice you put in your own head, please tell me.

Plus Size Mommy

So i know i have been gone for way too long but last i posted i had twins. Well me this lady here has been busy. I had another child! No i did not have twins again but a single boy. So now i have 3 under 1 years old which is very intense. I sometime dont know how to pee alone let alone anything else but im making it work.In total i have 7 kids now. Yes 7 that is not a typo. I have 2 twin sets and 3 singles.Now it is hard keeping my mind and body to my liking and confidence high,So i will keep righting and blogging to give my person experiences as a mother of so many and most important a woman.I am more than just a mother or wife. I am a woman of substance and interest outside my daily life and kids. I am also about to start vlogging so i will inform everyone accordingly.I am working my way to be Audio engineer so right now im a student, mom,wife and trying to stay an individual.. Thank you everyone for the read and support. Anyone else with tips and trick for a regular mom let me know i have open ear.

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