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Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it

Plus Size Mommy

So i know i have been gone for way too long but last i posted i had twins. Well me this lady here has been busy. I had another child! No i did not have twins again but a single boy. So now i have 3 under 1 years old which is very intense. I sometime dont know how to pee alone let alone anything else but im making it work.In total i have 7 kids now. Yes 7 that is not a typo. I have 2 twin sets and 3 singles.Now it is hard keeping my mind and body to my liking and confidence high,So i will keep righting and blogging to give my person experiences as a mother of so many and most important a woman.I am more than just a mother or wife. I am a woman of substance and interest outside my daily life and kids. I am also about to start vlogging so i will inform everyone accordingly.I am working my way to be Audio engineer so right now im a student, mom,wife and trying to stay an individual.. Thank you everyone for the read and support. Anyone else with tips and trick for a regular mom let me know i have open ear.


Beach Promo Shoot

So i did a beach swim suit shoot for a local blogger Sarah Jane Morales and it was an experience.

I never thought as a plus size person that i would ever be asked to do such a thing so i was excited and curious to say the least. The instructions were simple come in a suit ready to shoot.I have been sporting my crochet suit from Torrid 2 seasons now. I know i should buy another but i love it.

What i can say from experience it was nice to take the pictures were the people knew i am fat, so i will in my pictures look fat but that doesnt mean they wont look good. I didnt suck in my stomach or try to find angles to flatten my body but i posed how i felt most confident.

It is weird to just accept a picture where your arms are big and stomach not flat but that is what being plus size is. I have a stomach and it hangs.

I will give more details later on this promo shoot because its for a plus size weekend at our local beach which is in Galveston tx and i think loads of ladies would love a judgement free atmosphere.

I didnt compare my body or stomach hang to any of the other ladies and neither did they. Instead we cheered for eachother and gave advice and it was Wonderful guys!I hope you like the pictures but they are not the official ones. I just was excited to share.

If you click the link you will see the other models Ge, Zanchelle,Chassidy, Alice and sarah and myself plus so many more will be at event July 14, and these ladies are so very lovely! You dont want to miss it

Wonderland Exchange took this top photo

Fellow model Zanchelle i believe took this one.

Sexy at Any Size

I made sure to grab what i wanted for valentines day night and tried to not let my stomach be a factor.

I have big thighs and arms plus much more i don’t like about myself but i dont want to be weighed down by my insecurities.

I got a bra from cacquie on sale so yay! $24 well spent and a dress form torrid also on sale hurray me . I want what every girl of any size wants to look and feel sexy. I want my Valentine to really be surprised and enjoy me as much as i enjoyed dressing up. You shouldnt have to play dress up every day to get your partners attention but when i do i want to know its worth it.

So the flowers red and black are exactly what I didnt know i needed. Im curious where other people got their outfits from.

Now i didnt edit my pictures except used a filter on snapchat video because i wanted to show how flawed i am. My body is the product of kids, weight gain and my age. I feel perfectly okay letting that side out to show my vulnerable self hoping another woman who looks like me also feels confident enough to wear something they wouldnt or feel they cant.

Valentines day, What to wear!?

So if anyone is like me i want to have something cute and fun to wear in the day for my date and something sexy for my date to take off! Problem is seems like all the deals and sales are aimed toward straight sizes. Victoria secret ads spam my email all day lately but i couldnt fit my boobs in there to save my life!So i decided to share the places i shop to hopeful help other full figured women buy something to feel sexy. A couple websites that i used personally to find cute and sexy are! Of course and has sale right now, i got a 40G long bra for $24.. i mean how do you beat that and the bra perfect for valentines day with red roses., well duh and i bought myself cutest spring dress for VDay for 30 and im so into it! Feminate and flowy so give this cute innocent vibe., Such gorgeous stuff and not insane on price. I did not buy something for vday but ive bought fron them in past , Love it. Everything from here so classy. , yes they have costumes but also tons of lingerie and options some very cheap and some super nice but more expensive. I bought like a blue glitter stripper outfit from there for $20 including leg garters ..and i have stripper maryjanes to finish outfit. Domt judge me but i like to keep fire alive in my bedroom and i like dressing up to be honest. has some interesting stuff more pinup in my opinion and soooo pretty. I have not ordered this set yet but it is on my list is fun place to shop. I have gotten 2 daisy corsets from there but the price was high but oh my goodness do i look fierce in them. is where i always recommend you get you tights! Use code Raquel to get $10 off Also lonely label has comfortable stuff but seems on expensive side. Now if your like me you want to feel sexy and pretty and wanted. Hey all women do and men. Most of all its not what your wearing and how much it cost but you and how you feel. Big or small do what makes you feel great. I can say oh i want my man to be happy with how i look but honestly im worried about how i feel about it. Sometimes i wanna wear lace and i want someone to take a second look. I am going to attach pictures of the thing i bought and one of me in my blue stripper gear because why not. If i can feel beautiful so can you. Check out sites as well if you need inspiration!

New Year Doesnt always mean New Me

I hear everyone say new year new me which is great! What i cant get behind is since im fat everyone assumes im on diet and especially after new year people just assume my goal is to get thin. I hate to break it to people but its not. I dont have anything against people trying to lose weight but im not. 

It drives me crazy that i even have random people say oh what are you doing to lose weight or what gym did you join. I have a gym but not to lose 100 pounds but because i like to exercise. I have people in my own family trying to find get thin quick schemes and plans. 

I dont know why its so wrong to feel comfortable in my skin. I really just want everyone to know that being fat doesnt mean that im trying to lose weight or that i am fat just because i havent found right way to get thin. I dont have enough fingers on my hands to count the people telling me to get surgery. Weight loss surgery is a major thing and truly only for people who want it and are dedicated to that lifestyle. 

I am fat and not trying to lose or gain weight! I am also happy with ny body besides a couple things like everyone else. 

As for new year new me i was thinking new job and i want to go out more. I want to be more adventurous!? I am nearing the dirty 30 and i have never been to Vegas or a Killers concert.

What is you goal for new year?! What would make you happy or great memories for you?

Big Girls and thigh highs tights

So i dont know if any other big girls like me have wanted tights. I have seen girls on multiple occasions wearing thigh high tights just holding on to magic feels like. They look cute and i was jealous. So i began a search. I looked at torrid tights and as much as i like torrid as soon as i out them on ams stood up they rolled down. It was pretty disheartening. So i searched the internet in my quest and found Kixies. Now spending $30 on tights…Yea that took me a while to finally say fine i want to try it. 

  Guys let me tell you i did not regret it. First time i ordered they stayed up but just one day so i talk to owner and she was such a big help. I figured i needed biggest size because usually i am but no i got a C instead of D and whoa. 

I am a waitress and let me tell you they stay! Stayed up a whole shift and i wore them to mardi gras and night out . I love them so much i just ordered new ones.If you order and put code Raquel you get $10 so if you have been on fence try it. 

 Also if anyone else knows some good tights let me in the loop! I have been on a style journey and really trying to look how i want to and no that doesnt mean thinner to fit the norm clothes per say but be my big fabulous self and wear those same clothes and feel fine. I do acknowledge many might not find it cute like i do but its okay im not here to impress everyone, i am here to be happy!So i uploaded a picture, not my best but just so show other girls

My Youtube Link

Plus size and Pregnant

Okay guys i know i have been missing in action. After i came back from my vacation i discovered i was pregnant with twins! Yes my second set, so now i am not just plus size but Plus size and Pregnant. It has been hard adjustment but the journey is almost over. Im 31 weeks now with two boys and excited to see them.

Pregnant and Plus size has so many more issues. People commenting on my weight more than ever. On how i am carrying and my weight affecting my sons. I have not gained one pound. I cut out sodas and started eating early and it really helped me maintain. Its okay to gain some weight but for me i am already pretty big. I have no issues with blood pressure, Cholestrol, diabetes or any health issues for those who always have some unkind words and my babies are measuring perfectly healthy.

Overall any woman big ,small or otherwise should be supported while pregnant and it does not give people the right to just say any unfiltered thing. I was blessed to be able to have a baby after many years struggling with infertility with my new husband so all the ups and downs are so very worth it. I hope all moms, adoptive, ivf or however you choose to start your families are also treated with nothing but respeect because we owe no one an explaination.

New year New Swim Suit

I recently vacation in South padre and to start off right i bought a new swim suit! I got a red one with polka dots from torrid but it had way to much padding for me which was so sad , It was so cute. I was happy to get another torrid suit that it like a halter top and see through skirt. I can’t say enough how much I love it! I also got some new shorts and glasses and panties if im honest. 

I did get some judgemental stares but I was having way to much fun to worry. A crop top and shorts on a big girl! yes and it was great and I felt awesome. I noticed most of women giving me funny looks were other big girls which is sad. They should be more on my side than anyone but I hope one day we can support eachother more.

Any who I hope everyone shops around and fund their perfect suit.  The one that makes you feel perfect and sexy without worrying about judgement. 

Forever doomed to be a Weirdo 

Will I forever be the weirdo. Always saying something that makes everybody stop and make them look at me crazy?

  The answer is yes! I have learned to embrace it because I can’t change it. I have tried I won’t lie. I am more comfortable in my skin being this awkward inappropriate mess! 

  People know what to expect from me by now and what can I say nothing like being yourself. Anyone else in my Universe who just as awkward give me a shout out because I’ll love to know im not alone in this weirdo life. The video is from snapchat but whoa the filters are so darling hahah! That is me on my way to work and yes with flower cat ears because I’m not normal hear me roar!

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