A plus size Human Alien Person

Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it

Plus size and Pregnant

Okay guys i know i have been missing in action. After i came back from my vacation i discovered i was pregnant with twins! Yes my second set, so now i am not just plus size but Plus size and Pregnant. It has been hard adjustment but the journey is almost over. Im 31 weeks now with two boys and excited to see them. 

Pregnant and Plus size has so many more issues. People commenting on my weight more than ever. On how i am carrying and my weight affecting my sons. I have not gained one pound. I cut out sodas and started eating early and it really helped me maintain. Its okay to gain some weight but for me i am already pretty big. I have no issues with blood pressure, Cholestrol, diabetes or any health issues for those who always have some unkind words and my babies are measuring perfectly healthy. 

Overall any woman big ,small or otherwise should be supported while pregnant and it does not give people the right to just say any unfiltered thing. I was blessed to be able to have a baby after many years struggling with infertility with my new husband so all the ups and downs are so very worth it. I hope all moms, adoptive, ivf or however you choose to start your families are also treated with nothing but respeect because we owe no one an explaination. 


New year New Swim Suit

I recently vacation in South padre and to start off right i bought a new swim suit! I got a red one with polka dots from torrid but it had way to much padding for me which was so sad , It was so cute. I was happy to get another torrid suit that it like a halter top and see through skirt. I can’t say enough how much I love it! I also got some new shorts and glasses and panties if im honest. 

I did get some judgemental stares but I was having way to much fun to worry. A crop top and shorts on a big girl! yes and it was great and I felt awesome. I noticed most of women giving me funny looks were other big girls which is sad. They should be more on my side than anyone but I hope one day we can support eachother more.

Any who I hope everyone shops around and fund their perfect suit.  The one that makes you feel perfect and sexy without worrying about judgement. 

Forever doomed to be a Weirdo 

Will I forever be the weirdo. Always saying something that makes everybody stop and make them look at me crazy?

  The answer is yes! I have learned to embrace it because I can’t change it. I have tried I won’t lie. I am more comfortable in my skin being this awkward inappropriate mess! 

  People know what to expect from me by now and what can I say nothing like being yourself. Anyone else in my Universe who just as awkward give me a shout out because I’ll love to know im not alone in this weirdo life. The video is from snapchat but whoa the filters are so darling hahah! That is me on my way to work and yes with flower cat ears because I’m not normal hear me roar!

Mardi Gras Anyone?

Mardi gras is a time you think of young college girls making bad choices but I’ve recently started going and I have  a blast.

 I am not the queen of good choices but I have fun. I let loose for a while , walk the Strand and get beads. Only thing is I don’t like how men are so unless you have someone with you I advice you not to show you goodies. They will try to grab you and take pictures of you. If you have someone with you they can stop the touching and kinda block you so it’s safe. 

  The music, the people and just kinda of letting your worries go for a bit is nice. I would tell anyone who hasn’t gone to go. Never drink and drive and of course dress cute! Not for anyone else but yourself. When you get there and see all the beautiful girls it can mess with you confidence a bit so if your feeling great and dressed how you feel best then it won’t mess with you.

  It is empowering to find yourself sexy! We need to be our biggest fans and also try something new. Also I’ve started using Kixies thigh highs! They are just incredible,  they actually stay up and I feel so sensual in them! They have done wonders for my wardrobe. 

Women let’s stop being eachother biggest critics 

I went to a bar tonight and had a woman eyeball me from top to bottom. She didn’t do it once but the whole time. Why can’t we accept eachother as women and just accept eachother? I was wearing cat ears, a weird purse and yes acting like I’m awesome. You know why because I am awesome. I am bigger than most girls here but that doesn’t mean I’m not great in my own right. A fellow big girl judging me well that baffled me. Let’s be eachother biggest fan!

New year new me?

The new year bring lists of pressure I feel. To be thin, smart ,happier and healthier but to be honest I’m happy in the form I am now.

    Why does a new year mean a new me? I love the me i am now. Chubby and confident.  I have that I’ll dress how i want but also the i know im cute attitude.  Sometimes new isn’t better but the way i feel is. I like being fat and being happy with it. I could be healthier yes but so could everyone. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I should diet. It starts within. Inside i feel fine. 

  I pray my mindset stays calm ,healthy and great! So who else in this year is looking to stay awesome? I am!

Ditch the Runway 

So I finally was in my first show! What a great experience .  Ditch the Runway by GirlCode Boutique owner Mone’t Davis and collaboration by Stylist Kimberly Kne’Cole and also makeup by Lamik.

    First of all it was a packed show. The show was a kind of art show for fashion. Music, food and plenty of pretty clothes . 

 I was so nervous before hand . I walked in and there where models all over room with suit cases and makeup. I just had my star wars backpack and a pair of shoes. Everyone was half dressed getting fitted. Now being bigger im actually very weird about my body but with so many women all sizes everything was just okay. So many beautiful ladies with their own spark and style. I had fun working with them all!

 I had a great experience . If i hadn’t been in the show i would have definitely bought a ticket. I had on the cutest outfit. I am a bit fashion ignorant so im pure jeans and tees most days but this opened my eyes to feeling beautiful and embracing myself and body more. 

I seriously took a look at how I judge my body and feel so much better. Such a confidence boost for someone to see other women their size and for models who wouldn’t fit in the norm. There are people like those who run GirlCode Boutique who make clothes for all women and I truly love it! I am actually now proud owner to the skirt I wore and a glitter body suit now that I am planning to sport for new years. Guys take a chance be different .  I saw casting call and everything went from there. You are beautiful and you don’t have to fit in a cookie cutter body.I am truly greatful for such a great opportunity .  I urge guys to looks into GirlCode Boutique for great body positive clothing and Kimberly Kne’Cole for styling.

First photo shoot a success 

I arrived at TSU at 730am Saturday morning. TSU is a college here in houston and it was a foggy day but felt so nice outside.  

We all wore black and chatted poses and life which was great. The stylist Kimberly is a very very good one with tons of great insight. Now the show is for Ditch the Runway with miss Mone’t .  

I actually missed the first shoot but because she so great she did a reshoot . It is intimidating to watch girls who have modeled slay so hard but I tried my best and he got some good pictures which I’ll share later when I get them. This is my first shoot and so proud of it!

But I have some behind d the scenes pictures. No im not perfect or the cutest but it’s truly such a great experience! If you have never done one you should even just for you. Kim said something that stuck with me we need to help eachother and keep helping eachother up. Being plus size and women of color we need to be there and supportive. Don’t be mad at someone’s success but happy . I hope to keep working with these ladies and positivity. Mone’t has given me an opportunity and I’m green as can be but she see me try and does nothing but lift my spirit. This show is going to be so great guys. I will take tons of pictures as well as get a video for you guys to see on my YouTube so stay tuned.

I wore torrid top, Torrid Fold over skirt, Torrid leather vest and combat boots I bought second hand. Any opinions please let me know i love hearing from everyone. 

If your in houston area Ditch the runway show with be Dec 3 . Tickets can be bought at eventbrite and have some promo host gigs coming to which I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Gangsta clown makeup 

I saw a girl youtube tutorial and was sold. Now she was way cuter and thinner but she showed so easy how to do it. 

I decided Saturday was a good day to do all my magic. It was actually kinda hard because of the lines and using black always a mess. I used my regular makeup and took a men’s shirt for the look .

Has anyone seen the video im talking about with a girl with blue hair? Anyone else try it and give me some pointers? 

Well this is my best attempt and also first. I hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to give me feedback and like my page on facebook. Link in comments 

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