A plus size Human Alien Person

Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it


June 2016


So I been splurging a bit. I got some Pink hoverkicks shoes…They are the ones that light up, and they match my a pink headphones that I adore! I also got a new backpack for school and Victoria Secret had perfume on sale… 4.99 so I bought 2 and I’m so in Love!!!!!



Feeling Sexy lately

What can I say.. I have really been into myself lately. I think it’s the hair and I bought myself makeup and new clothes and just wore them without over analysis of my body before I go. I know I am fat. I know others can also see this but honestly I’m tired.
Tired of worrying what everyone else thinks and would say. I am so.much happier just getting dressed and leaving the house. This heat really makes me feel adventurous.
Maybe the key is just feeling awesome. Did my nails , and just feel Fly. Alot of woman I see are so pretty but just so worried about everyone opinion even if they feel okay. I say fuck it. Feel awesome and show your beautiful self. Whatever your size, ethnicity or sexuality.



Going out partying!!

I like to go out sometimes iylts fun to let out some stress. I remember younger going out and feeling so cute I wasn’t not big. I was curvy and loved it but now I’m usually the biggest one there everyone wearing cute crop tops and jeans . All the cute clothes is for the skinny, so many things I want to wear but most times it stops at a certain size. Now they are making more plus size clothes but for an arm and a leg feels like. I went out last night and had a great time . I wonder where everyone else gets there clothes? I frequent Torrid, and the other obvious one but is their a gem I’m missing? Any who I needed that fun.. I went and had wings and beer then some dancing . Sometimes letting your hair down is awesome but then I wake up early to feed the kids and cleaning. Oh how I miss being young




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