I was so excited for premiere,  completely geeked out and ready. I ordered my outfit from torrid which was so pricey but worth it!  I saw other girls there dressed Up but not many. I got tons of stares and looks but that didn’t Stop my happiness for i was about to watch what i waited months to see!  I bought popcorn with my shoes lighting up and joker MardiGras beads . Do you know what happened to me. Nothing i had a great time and enjoyed myself because besides your stares i know i was wrecking it. Harley may not be big like me but i sure do show you how good she would look plumpy ! I’m done with the worry of being made fun of i just want to have fun and i will look fabulous doing it. The movie was awesome. My date that night was perfect and i would do it again. Did anyone else dare to bare there cosplay outfits that day?

I think people forget whats it like to just want to feel cute. Now i may not be everyones cup of tea I am still deserving to be confident. If a woman half my size dresses up its cute and others take pics with her, but someone of my size dresses up they take pictures of them and we become a meme. Why not just let me be?

I am not hurting anyone of flashing anything out of the ordinary. I just want to have fun and be comfortable in my own skin. Which in fact i do. At times I do get down on myself but i push through that and just try to stay positive.