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Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it


September 2016

Why is it okay to Fat shame me

I dont understand how i have friends who see it acceptable to fat shame me. If i am your friend then you support me and not make me the bud of your jokes…i am under no illusion about my size . Now the woman this person compared me too should feel no shame, she having fun but i was compared to her as a way of making fun or me and her. Unacceptable in all forms. Why is it okay to make fun of me because im fat. It is not! I posted me dressed as harley but in full shorts not cheeky shorts. Why would i find it funny . I am living my life hurting no one else and happy but that was unnecessary. 


My first runway! 

I went to casting for runaway show and got it. Super excited for new opportunity with great people. It will be my first and not my last i hope. I am beyond excited. So the host is GirlCode Boutique in Houston. Does anyone have any advice for me. The girls are so nice and fierce and i need to bring my best. 

I wonder how in love i will be with this. Knowing me i will fall head over heels for this.I posted  some pictures for you guys and yes i am the one with blue hair. Great time for plus size women. Dont let anyone tell you that there is not things out there for you. Do not let people tell you you’re not beautiful.  Size does not stop you only you can. So stand up be big and beautiful and rock your curves.

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