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October 2016

First photo shoot a success 

I arrived at TSU at 730am Saturday morning. TSU is a college here in houston and it was a foggy day but felt so nice outside.  

We all wore black and chatted poses and life which was great. The stylist Kimberly is a very very good one with tons of great insight. Now the show is for Ditch the Runway with miss Mone’t .  

I actually missed the first shoot but because she so great she did a reshoot . It is intimidating to watch girls who have modeled slay so hard but I tried my best and he got some good pictures which I’ll share later when I get them. This is my first shoot and so proud of it!

But I have some behind d the scenes pictures. No im not perfect or the cutest but it’s truly such a great experience! If you have never done one you should even just for you. Kim said something that stuck with me we need to help eachother and keep helping eachother up. Being plus size and women of color we need to be there and supportive. Don’t be mad at someone’s success but happy . I hope to keep working with these ladies and positivity. Mone’t has given me an opportunity and I’m green as can be but she see me try and does nothing but lift my spirit. This show is going to be so great guys. I will take tons of pictures as well as get a video for you guys to see on my YouTube so stay tuned.

I wore torrid top, Torrid Fold over skirt, Torrid leather vest and combat boots I bought second hand. Any opinions please let me know i love hearing from everyone. 

If your in houston area Ditch the runway show with be Dec 3 . Tickets can be bought at eventbrite and have some promo host gigs coming to which I can’t wait to share with everyone!


Gangsta clown makeup 

I saw a girl youtube tutorial and was sold. Now she was way cuter and thinner but she showed so easy how to do it. 

I decided Saturday was a good day to do all my magic. It was actually kinda hard because of the lines and using black always a mess. I used my regular makeup and took a men’s shirt for the look .

Has anyone seen the video im talking about with a girl with blue hair? Anyone else try it and give me some pointers? 

Well this is my best attempt and also first. I hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to give me feedback and like my page on facebook. Link in comments 

Why does everything I want Be out of reach

Being a girl I love to dress up but also being a weirdo Geeky girl I want to dress up cosplay. My birthday is coming and im brokey broke. So hard to be fashionable on a budget,  not impossible but why is everything i want have to be pricey. 

Now with my hair the color it is and the amount of tattoos people think i can not get jobs but i do. I have a pretty good resume in healthcare. I just feel so experimental lately with my look. I think its my age.

Why does getting older make you not care. The older i get the more i just dont care. I truly must watch what i say alot because i have a tendency to say things without thinking.

So im thinking since my birthday around Halloween i will treat myself. Nothing better than a good sale i say. Dresses are 50 % off plus buy one get one free. Hopefully my next pics wil be vader or R2D2. Any other girls cant help but waste all their money on cosplay?

Just A Plus Size Nerd

This is my official facebook page. Please give me a like

Mini Shoot and New Page

I am going to start making videos on youtube just on makeup fails and wins, clothing and things ive found out.

I made a page on facebook to kind of link all my media and blog together so if ya’ll have a moment to give it a like i would love that. I am pro Body positivity and embracing ones differences.  I did a mini shoot to celebrate.  Makeup done by me but dress from etsy and top from Rebdolls. I dont want to pick on certain body types but promote everyone to love being in their own skin.

So if you can support me and my new found love of myself and every woman loving themselves visit my page. I appreciate everyone tons! 

Now without further pause my mini shoot. Any advice or pose advice please feel free to tell me! Also dont be shy visit the post were i add my blog and post a picture of you that you love and feel comfortable in you body! 

So hard to find a plain white crop top

I have been looking for weeks for a plain white crop top. Something simple that will cover the girls and a bit longer in back. I searched amazon and million other sites! 

 Every place i would find them they were insanely priced. I had given up but thanks to a fellow blogger found one! I am going to have to order two its so perfect! Any other ladies have a hard time finding one? I so happy with my choice! Not going to lie i got looked at like i was crazy for wearing it…i started with a sweater around my waist but gradually felt more comfortable and let loose! It was hot out and i deserve to feel awesome!  Its perfect length in front. I am a bit chesty so i got a 3x and it covers my back the way i want and front just right. I couldn’t have designed it any better!

Any other brave ladies down for challenge? Crop top pictures anyone? Go to my facebook page and share some of your daring wardrobe choices. I would love to see some people ladies moving past the judgement and feel great in there own skin! I didnt edit my waist or body just the filters!

PhotoShoot coming what to wear

I have a photoshoot for the runway show i will be doing and I did not have anything to wear. I feel brave wearing my clothes but some im not used too? Im unsure. I kniw if im more ope. To styles and other patterns it woule be positive for me. I am no fashionista but an enthusiasts. I also need to take pictures of my own to have so i can make a book for myself. So hard when i feel pretty in small pictures but ones someone else takes it is so scary.

Anyone done a small shoot and have advice or tips so i would not be so worried. Its so hard to feel beautiful all the time in a world that believes the way you look is wrong.  I dont know where life takes me but i want to be happy and to do so i want to experience all the things i can.

Also i ordered a white off shoukder crop top. Should be here next week! I hope it looks great.  

My First Pubcrawl

So for those who are not familiar you get a group of people to bar hop. Now it was sponsored by a couple bars and they provided food in the middle of the event. Now that was perfect because i was already feeling too happy. I wore a cheer skirt and shirt me and a friend made. We matched which was awesome. They gave hats, koozies,cups,shirts and backpacks. It was so much fun. We had the perfect company and every bar was pretty good. All of our drinks were  $3 each so safe to say we drank many many drinks. Im usually a bit weird in a crowd. I feel as though im being looked at or judged but it was so laid back and fun i couldnt help but party worry free with my hubby. If you have never done one i suggest you do it at least once! Now next Saturday my first time at Pasadena Rodeo cookoff . Already looking at cute dresses!

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