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February 2017

Mardi Gras Anyone?

Mardi gras is a time you think of young college girls making bad choices but I’ve recently started going and I have  a blast.

 I am not the queen of good choices but I have fun. I let loose for a while , walk the Strand and get beads. Only thing is I don’t like how men are so unless you have someone with you I advice you not to show you goodies. They will try to grab you and take pictures of you. If you have someone with you they can stop the touching and kinda block you so it’s safe. 

  The music, the people and just kinda of letting your worries go for a bit is nice. I would tell anyone who hasn’t gone to go. Never drink and drive and of course dress cute! Not for anyone else but yourself. When you get there and see all the beautiful girls it can mess with you confidence a bit so if your feeling great and dressed how you feel best then it won’t mess with you.

  It is empowering to find yourself sexy! We need to be our biggest fans and also try something new. Also I’ve started using Kixies thigh highs! They are just incredible,  they actually stay up and I feel so sensual in them! They have done wonders for my wardrobe. 


Women let’s stop being eachother biggest critics 

I went to a bar tonight and had a woman eyeball me from top to bottom. She didn’t do it once but the whole time. Why can’t we accept eachother as women and just accept eachother? I was wearing cat ears, a weird purse and yes acting like I’m awesome. You know why because I am awesome. I am bigger than most girls here but that doesn’t mean I’m not great in my own right. A fellow big girl judging me well that baffled me. Let’s be eachother biggest fan!

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