So i dont know if any other big girls like me have wanted tights. I have seen girls on multiple occasions wearing thigh high tights just holding on to magic feels like. They look cute and i was jealous. So i began a search. I looked at torrid tights and as much as i like torrid as soon as i out them on ams stood up they rolled down. It was pretty disheartening. So i searched the internet in my quest and found Kixies. Now spending $30 on tights…Yea that took me a while to finally say fine i want to try it. 

  Guys let me tell you i did not regret it. First time i ordered they stayed up but just one day so i talk to owner and she was such a big help. I figured i needed biggest size because usually i am but no i got a C instead of D and whoa. 

I am a waitress and let me tell you they stay! Stayed up a whole shift and i wore them to mardi gras and night out . I love them so much i just ordered new ones.If you order and put code Raquel you get $10 so if you have been on fence try it. 

 Also if anyone else knows some good tights let me in the loop! I have been on a style journey and really trying to look how i want to and no that doesnt mean thinner to fit the norm clothes per say but be my big fabulous self and wear those same clothes and feel fine. I do acknowledge many might not find it cute like i do but its okay im not here to impress everyone, i am here to be happy!So i uploaded a picture, not my best but just so show other girls

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