So i did a beach swim suit shoot for a local blogger Sarah Jane Morales and it was an experience.

I never thought as a plus size person that i would ever be asked to do such a thing so i was excited and curious to say the least. The instructions were simple come in a suit ready to shoot.I have been sporting my crochet suit from Torrid 2 seasons now. I know i should buy another but i love it.

What i can say from experience it was nice to take the pictures were the people knew i am fat, so i will in my pictures look fat but that doesnt mean they wont look good. I didnt suck in my stomach or try to find angles to flatten my body but i posed how i felt most confident.

It is weird to just accept a picture where your arms are big and stomach not flat but that is what being plus size is. I have a stomach and it hangs.

I will give more details later on this promo shoot because its for a plus size weekend at our local beach which is in Galveston tx and i think loads of ladies would love a judgement free atmosphere.

I didnt compare my body or stomach hang to any of the other ladies and neither did they. Instead we cheered for eachother and gave advice and it was Wonderful guys!I hope you like the pictures but they are not the official ones. I just was excited to share.

If you click the link you will see the other models Ge, Zanchelle,Chassidy, Alice and sarah and myself plus so many more will be at event July 14, and these ladies are so very lovely! You dont want to miss it

Wonderland Exchange took this top photo

Fellow model Zanchelle i believe took this one.