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Im young Plus Size and Dont feel bad about it



Plus size

The World of Audio

I attached my YouTube video of a glimpse into my classes.Please show me some positive vibes.

I started a new career. I am currently studying to be an Audio engineer and I never realized how much i would love it and also how hard it is. I spent months unsure with what i wanted to do with with my life. I mean im 30 everything should be magical and figured out right.

Well my ass it was , my whole life was just a serious of random events. I did not plan much and never followed through. I was a waitress and had opportunity to see Audio people in their elements and found myself intrigued.

I constantly asked questions, and looking at what the did and how. After a year of practically stalking this people one of the girls told me “Why dont you just go to school fr Audio”

Honestly it did not cross my mind, Me in audio?

But after much thoughts i went and talk to college counselor and i signed up immediately. I am in love yall!

Yes i said yall i am from Texas , lol

So now im taking these classes take so much time and i just cant get over how uch i enjoy it all.Turns out females only make up like 5% of Audio industry which is crazy.

I joined soundgirls and follow them on every social media and i decided t start Youtube Vlog of just what i am learning.I mean maybe inspire someone else completely floating in the wind like i was.

When i start i will update yall but anyone else finding out what they want later in life.When everyone else deep in their careers


Valentines day, What to wear!?

So if anyone is like me i want to have something cute and fun to wear in the day for my date and something sexy for my date to take off! Problem is seems like all the deals and sales are aimed toward straight sizes. Victoria secret ads spam my email all day lately but i couldnt fit my boobs in there to save my life!So i decided to share the places i shop to hopeful help other full figured women buy something to feel sexy. A couple websites that i used personally to find cute and sexy are! Of course and has sale right now, i got a 40G long bra for $24.. i mean how do you beat that and the bra perfect for valentines day with red roses., well duh and i bought myself cutest spring dress for VDay for 30 and im so into it! Feminate and flowy so give this cute innocent vibe., Such gorgeous stuff and not insane on price. I did not buy something for vday but ive bought fron them in past , Love it. Everything from here so classy. , yes they have costumes but also tons of lingerie and options some very cheap and some super nice but more expensive. I bought like a blue glitter stripper outfit from there for $20 including leg garters ..and i have stripper maryjanes to finish outfit. Domt judge me but i like to keep fire alive in my bedroom and i like dressing up to be honest. has some interesting stuff more pinup in my opinion and soooo pretty. I have not ordered this set yet but it is on my list is fun place to shop. I have gotten 2 daisy corsets from there but the price was high but oh my goodness do i look fierce in them. is where i always recommend you get you tights! Use code Raquel to get $10 off Also lonely label has comfortable stuff but seems on expensive side. Now if your like me you want to feel sexy and pretty and wanted. Hey all women do and men. Most of all its not what your wearing and how much it cost but you and how you feel. Big or small do what makes you feel great. I can say oh i want my man to be happy with how i look but honestly im worried about how i feel about it. Sometimes i wanna wear lace and i want someone to take a second look. I am going to attach pictures of the thing i bought and one of me in my blue stripper gear because why not. If i can feel beautiful so can you. Check out sites as well if you need inspiration!

Plus size and Pregnant

Okay guys i know i have been missing in action. After i came back from my vacation i discovered i was pregnant with twins! Yes my second set, so now i am not just plus size but Plus size and Pregnant. It has been hard adjustment but the journey is almost over. Im 31 weeks now with two boys and excited to see them.

Pregnant and Plus size has so many more issues. People commenting on my weight more than ever. On how i am carrying and my weight affecting my sons. I have not gained one pound. I cut out sodas and started eating early and it really helped me maintain. Its okay to gain some weight but for me i am already pretty big. I have no issues with blood pressure, Cholestrol, diabetes or any health issues for those who always have some unkind words and my babies are measuring perfectly healthy.

Overall any woman big ,small or otherwise should be supported while pregnant and it does not give people the right to just say any unfiltered thing. I was blessed to be able to have a baby after many years struggling with infertility with my new husband so all the ups and downs are so very worth it. I hope all moms, adoptive, ivf or however you choose to start your families are also treated with nothing but respeect because we owe no one an explaination.

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